Our Plant

Our processing facilities are equipped with the best technology available.

This allows us to crack, sort, grade, process and package pecan nuts every year. Once packaged, we store our nuts in cold rooms in order to mantain the ideal conditions until we send them.

Our 75,348 square feet plant process more than 30,000,000 pounds of pecans per year.

We also offer: custom shelling and custom packaging.




I. The Pecan Harvest

II. Sizing and Grading

Pecans are transported into our facilities where they are sized and graded before being stored.

III. Sanitizing

Before cracking pecans, they are subjected into a cold water and hot water bath in order to disminish microbiological charge. 

IV. Shelling

Pecans are mechanically cracked and sized. 

V. Electric Sorting

Pecans go through electronic color sorting, inspection tables and finally sorting in order to reduce shells and foreign materials.

VI. Packaging

Pecans are boxed and weighed, generally packed in 30 lb corrugated boxes. At request of our customers we can do any requirement they need of packaging.

VII. Supervising

Finally every box goes through a metal detector to ensure that metal foreign objects get identified. At request of clients, we can treat pecans with polipropiline gas vacum chamber. 

VIII. Storage

Pecans will be stored in cold rooms until the shipping. 

Quality & Safety

The main priority of Pecaninis is to ensure that everyone that comes in contact with our products wont have any health risk. We work day by day to ensure quality and safety of our products.

To ensure this, Pecaninis complies with the following:

  • Employs Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

  • Kosher Certification 

  • Yearly Third Party Audit

  • SQF 8th Edition Certification

Besides this, each lot is tested to ensure microbiological charges are in the permited limit according to every law available . The certificate or copy is delivered to our clients to ensure and prove quality.