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 Our process and certifications are essential to ensure quality

Our Values

Equity and Justice

Through the ideology of fair trade, we seek to create an environment where producers can increase their quality of life by paying fair prices for their crops. 


We believe in a culture of responsibility towards the environment and the people who work in the field.


We seek to create long and lasting relationships with our producers, suppliers and consumers, by working in an environment of respect and collaboration with them. Respecting our land is also vital which is why we work every day to implement more sustainable practices to decrease the harm we could possibly do to our environment.


We want  to satisfy all the needs of our clients,

in every moment.


 Our community is another example of our commitment to create jobs and investing in education for our employees.


Being honest with our employees, costumer and supplier is important
to Pecaninis, we always want to create an honest space.